Dear Greetings to Everyone

“Dear greetings to everyone” is a faceted cave structure containing drawings of image based messages that have been sent over the past 50 years to outer space as part of the SETI project (Search for Extra Terrestrial intelligence).

As part of Ghost Modernism

Quartair Gallery, Den Haag, The Netherlands

April 2013

Ghost Modernism started off as a pun, a funny turn of phrase that came in the middle of the night which struck a deeper chord. It spoke to a longing to revisit the idealism of the modernist era and a desire to see what relevance, if any, the ideas of utopia and universalism had to our contemporary situation. For us, Ghost Modernism is not the next stage in a linear evolution so much as the creation of a temporary space where we can think differently. It is a place where we can reclaim the utopian hopes of Modernism informed by the contextual critiques levied by Post-Modernism.

Pencil and color pencil on paper, wood, tape. 10′ x 8′ x 8

Dear greetings to everyone